Mushroom Growkit Albino


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Mushroom Growkit Albino

Mushroom Growkit Albino. Taking the Psilocybe cubensis Albino A into your home means taking beauty into your home. The hats are creamy white, the stem is the same color and gets an intense blue color when you knead them. The secret behind the colour is called leucism (reduced pigmentation). It is a subtropical medium to large mushroom.

Are you ready to start growing these special, creamy white mushrooms? The Albino strain catches the eye immediately. Its white colour changes to blue when you bruise them. This blue discoloration is called ‘bruising’ and involves oxidation of the active ingredient. The Albino mushroom needs more attention than the other varieties and is recommended for people who have already dealt with a mushroom growkit before.

From psilocybin to psilocin

Psilocybin is much more stable than psilocin and will last much longer when you dry the mushrooms. A 115-year-old mushroom has been found that still contained psilocybin. When the substance is absorbed into the body it is converted into psilocin in the liver and the effects become noticeable.


This underground network is not or hardly visible and is still the source from which the mushrooms can sprout. In nature a layer of leaves often covers this network. In a mushroom grow kit you can see the threads clearly. The mushroom growkits of are fully colonized with mycelium so that the mushrooms get a chance to sprout very quickly.


This word is often used to refer to psychoactive substances that are used in spiritual and religious settings and means ‘originating from the god in ourselves’. It can offer the user an openness to look at things in a different way. As with yoga, meditation, fasting, a ‘mystical state’ can be achieved that can be of great value for the user. Of course all depends on the mindset


Magic mushrooms should be treated with great care. They are not suitable for young people under the age of 18, people taking medication or people who are depressed.  (If in doubt, consult your doctor). Do not combine mushrooms with alcohol or other drugs.
Warning: the substrate contains gluten. Not suitable if you have a (severe) gluten intolerance.

Note: Start growing as soon as you have received the grow kit. If this is not immediately possible, store the kit at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.



Eating mushrooms is not a pleasant activity for most people. The stale taste can be masked by soaking the mushrooms (dried) in boiled water for 20 minutes. After this, the liquid can be sieved and sweetened with, for example, a little honey or sugar. Add a (herbal) tea bag for a finer taste. The active ingredients in mushrooms cannot withstand heating, so don’t fry them in a pan or the like.


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